It’s About Time….

September 17, 2014
Finally! After a bazillion years of procrastination, I have decided to get my little blog up and running. I remember the blog bug bit way back in 2010 when I first got addicted to Pinterest. I couldn’t get over how there were thousands of other people, all over the world, who were interested in the same things that I am. I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of!

But as usual, life gets in the way. Or let me rephrase that, I let my life get in the way. In 2010 I was teaching for a music school and helping run things behind the scenes. I had also stumbled across a blonde haired, brown eyed lead vocalist, who decided to steal my heart. He still hasn’t given it back!

Fast forward to 2011, I left that company and decided to start my own with the blonde haired, brown eyed lead vocalist. They say never work with your spouse, but I figured as it was how we met, why not go from there, and so we did. We now own a music tutoring agency and work with some of our best friends. 

Although I have the business to keep me busy, there has always been something missing, and that something was Luna Lacey. I have always been overly interested in make up and hair, trying all different styles that I could through the years. But my one true love…nail polish! I have at any given time between 50-150 bottles in my bedroom. I cant get enough, so expect quite a few post of my pretty porky fingers.

I am one of those people that when I do something, it needs to be perfect. My friends joke that I have OCD and would prefer it to be CDO, because well that is really how it should be. I love cleaning products (I kid you not) organizing and labeling my life is an enjoyable pass time to me. To say I’m a jumble of various different cliche’s is the understatment of the century.

So please feel free to stick around and follow me through my strange day to day life! I can’t wait to share more.

Until then…

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