Spring Selection! CND Vinylux Weekly Polish – Cake Pop!

October 1, 2014

There comes a day in every girls life when the search for her favourite polish comes to an end. Its a day that is written in the stars, all of the planets align and fate is on her side. That day for me, was when I found CND Vinylux – Cake Pop. I was at the nail salon and I saw her sitting there across the room, everything stopped, the angels sung and the nail technician said “Natalie, you can buy that colour”. Not only had I found the perfect colour, but I could make it mine. It was the perfect day!

Cake Pop, can we just take a moment to appreciate the unbelievably cute name, is the perfect pastel pink shade for your pretty little piggies. This pink is opaque, it can be worn perfectly on its own or by adding a white base coat, you can really make this pretty pastel pop. 

Now on to the million dollar question, the self proclaimed 7 day wear. For me personally, the polish doesn’t have a 7 day wear, I see a chip here and there on day 4, day 5 if my nails are really short. I decided to investigate and see if it was just me who had the same findings, and from what I have seen many ladies agree that it doesn’t last that long. I am a huge fan of a good base coat, I feel it can make or break your manicure, however the Vinylux formula is said to be developed to be used without a base coat, it has a “built in” base coat. This didn’t work so well for me, the wear time was halved. Vinylux has a top coat that you can purchase that will aid in the long lasting wear of the polish as it hardens when exposed to natural UV light, I myself haven’t tried it, but if I do you’ll definitely know about it.

The application of the Vinylux nail polish is a dream, the brush is the perfect fit for my nail size and I absolutely love how the formula stay consistent over time, no thickening, clumping or separating. One roll through your hands and your good to go! The drying time is also a lot faster than that of your regular polishes. WIth this polish being 5-Free (Formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor), this polish rates highly on my favourites list.

In short, I love this colour and I would definitely make the purchase again. Vinylux is only available for purchase at selected nail salons. Exclusive Beauty will assist you in finding a stockist, you can give them a call on (011) 791 4027 you can also email them on

Here’s to pretty pink cake pop pointies 🙂

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