Frozen Nutella Chocolate Coffee….

October 1, 2015

So today is a glorious glorious day, today is the day we celebrate one of the greatest inventions known to man kind. An invention so grand that mere mortals bow down to it’s greatness on a daily basis. An invention to majestic, it could make a grown man weep…what is said invention I speak of? Well ladies and gentleman, today we celebrate coffee! October 1st 2015 is the first official International Coffee Day! So what better way to celebrate than creating a snazzy little coffee that looks like a mission to make but is actually super easy 🙂 I introduce to you  the Frozen Nutella Chocolate Coffee!

I decided I would combine two of my favourite things into one snazzy glass and hope for the best, and boy was I happy that I did this. The recipe requires a little pre-preparation, I thought I would tell you now before you got all excited and wanted to have this right away, but believe me its worth the wait!

❤︎ Chocolate Flavoured Coffee
❤︎Whipped Cream
❤︎ Milk of Your Choice
❤︎ Cookies

First up is to brew a pot of your favourite coffee. I didn’t brew coffee, but I did use a favourite. I made a pot of Beanies Double Chocolate coffee. Once your coffee is brewed, you’re going to fill an ice cube tray with the coffee. Making coffee ice cubes. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t just shove ice into a cup of coffee and go from there, I hate watery coffee, so by doing it this way you get full coffee impact without the wateriness…you’re welcome life 🙂

Beanies Chocolate Coffee
Let the coffee cool for a bit (unless you would like to defrost your freezer at the same time) and then pop into the freezer over night. The cool thing about this is you can make it first thing in the morning before you head off to tackle the day.

The Next Day!

Step two is to throw some coffee ice cubes into a blender, add a cup of milk and as much Nutella as you like…yes you heard me right…as much as you like. I didn’t add any sugar to my coffee cubes, so I let the Nutella sweeten the deal, but you can add to your taste. Pop the lid on and blend blend blend until smooth.
The final step is to top with some whipped cream and crumble some cookies over the top!
There you have it, possibly the most simple iced coffee goodness you can imagine. You can also change up the flavour with which ever flavoured coffee you would like.
I’d love to know if you make this, so make sure to tag me in your pics!
Until next time….

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