January 2016 Favourites

February 9, 2016

Can time maybe just slow down a little already? I’m not ready for this, I’m not ready for the first month of the year to be done, albeit it was a great month. I celebrated my 27th Birthday, I got to see the sea again after 5 years, had an amazing picnic with my blogging girls and added a new tattoo to my collection. My business grew beautifully and I felt like each week was super productive, so all in all a great month. February is looking to bring some changes, which is making me nervous, but I do hope they pan out.

Once again my favourites posts is hitting you midway through the new month, at least I’m consistent in that way 😉 With Christmas and my birthday being so close together, I got to try a bunch of new products, which I’m still working my way through, but I thought I would show you what I have been reaching for the most.

I wanted to do things a little differently this month, so instead of doing individual product shots, there’s a short little video for you guys to see all the products in real life.


January saw chart topping heat waves, so staying fresh was a number one priority for me. I absolutely fell in love with this deo from Dove. The zingy grapefruit and lemongrass fragrance isn’t ridiculously over powering, which means you catch a whiff of it every now and then throughout the day. Obviously Dove is known for their moisturising and kind to skin formulations, and this one is no different. I popped this into my handbag and bought a second one for home, just incase.

For Christmas, Ben was clearly listening to the multiple YouTube videos and not so subtle hints I was throwing, as he spoilt me with quite a few Real Techniques brushes. I fell in love with all of them, but the one that stole the show for me was definitely their big fluffy Powder Brush. I’ve had their foundation brush as part of my arsenal for nearly a year now, but I never thought the quality of my powder brush could make a difference to the appearance of my foundation, boy was I wrong. The synthetic fibres of this brush evenly distributes the product into your skin, leaving you with a flawless airbrushed look. And what’s even better is the brush has been designed to be self standing, so storage is an absolute breeze!

Summer means nudes…nude lipsticks that is! I have been loving this shade from Essence, 11 Nude Love. This shade is from their Longlasting Lipsticks collection, which is perfectly named as this shade stays out for a good few hours, without drying out my lips. The creamy, yet lightweight formula wears easily on the lips giving you a beautifully, pigmented nude pay off. And for R 45 on, you can now stock up!

I fell head over heels in love with Lush, if you haven’t been able to tell yet. So for my birthday my mom ordered me a bunch of Lush lovelies! In this house, Im the one that does all of the cleaning, so that means I have extremely dry hands…like gross dry hands. Well not any more, I’ve been using Lush’s Helping Hands, which has a rich, nourishingly creamy formula that I like to slather all over my gross hands at the end of the day. The cream comprises of almond and cocoa butter with a hint of chamomile, so not only does it leave my hands feeling moisturised and soft, but it smells comforting…yeah you read that has such a homely cozy scent, I find myself reaching for it more than I should!

My last favourite for the month of Jan was the Lipidol After Shower Oil, I know for a lot of people oil in summer is a no go, but this little gem was a saving grace for me. I hate applying moisturiser in summer, for me it seems like my skin heats it up during the day and I’m left with a greasy layer on the top of my skin. After I hop out of the shower, I slather some of the oil directly onto my skin, and it just soaks it up. The scent is barely there and my skin doesn’t sweat out the formulation after a long day. It works amazingly for sensitive skin, I’ve had no reaction, except gloriously soft and hydrated skin. You can purchase this and other Lipidol products at Clicks stores.

What have you guys been lusting over the past month, let me know!!


Until next time…


    1. I was worried it would’ve been a little cheesy, thanks my lovey! They’re amazing, I find my armpits don’t get irritated or itchy (TMI I know, but how else do you know me) hahahahah!

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