Low Carb Scones In A Mug with Sugar Free Strawberry Jam

March 11, 2016

What’s this? A recipe? Damn right it is, I feel like I haven’t done one of these in yonks. And yes, it’s a low carb no sugar recipe, so all who feel that I’m crazy for eating this way…continue reading, make the little treats, munch them and then we can talk about if you think I’m crazy of not 😉

For those who don’t follow my Twitter, I have lost a few kg’s this year (and a few last year) due to following the banting lifestyle. I know for a lot of people this is a HUGE no no and believe me I’ve heard it all, but this lifestyle works for me and my health agrees with it. So in order for me to continue on this train of healthy eating, I wanted to find ways to have little treats every now and then without breaking my diet. My personality is an all or nothing one, either I’m going to do some 100% properly or I’m not doing it at all, so cheating for me hardly ever happens.

Sundays for me were always days I would indulge, and when I changed my eating habits I wanted to ensure I could indulge safely every now and then, so when I saw a “Banting Bread In A Mug” recipe online, I tweaked it a little, and then I tweaked a few family recipes and came up with my “Low Carb Scones In A Mug, with, Sugar Free Strawberry Jam and Cream”….sheesh what a long ass name.

As the recipe suggests, the “scones” are done in a mug, in literally a minute and a half. The “jam” (all of these names are in ” because some people might want to argue the technicalities of these things) takes so quick to make, you can be in and out of the kitchen in 10 minutes, grab that book and enjoy your Sunday.


I like to start with the jam first so that it has a chance to cool a little.

No Sugar Strawberry Jam l Luna Lacey

I’ve created these little images so you can screenshot and save it to your phone!

Sugar Free Strawberry Jam l Luna Lacey

This is what you are wanting your jam to look like when its ready.

Next up, the “Scones”

Low Carb Scones In A Mug l Luna Lacey

With this recipe you can mix everything in a mug and call it a day, but I like to mix it all in a bowl and then place in the mug, I find that it just mixes a lot better. So I place everything in a bowl, melt the butter in the mug and then use that same mug to make the scones, I find the butter in there prevents the scones from sticking.

Banting Scones In A Mug 1 l Luna LaceyBanting Scones In A Mug 2 l Luna LaceyAll mixed and ready for it’ destiny!

Banting Scones In A Mug 3 l Luna Lacey

All cooked and ready to meet my belly!

I cut mine into three slices and then place the jam on top, I whip up some cream, and I’m ready to munch down on these babies!!

I’d love to know if you try these and what you think! Let me know!

Until next time…


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