{DIY} White Washed Dressing Table

July 14, 2016

It’s been an age since I last did a little DIY post, most likely because life has been insane this year and I haven’t actually had a chance to get around to fixing things! But that was until Prominent Paints got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to do a room make over…but I unfortunately don’t own the house I stay in, so painting wasn’t an option! However, I did have a super old dressing table that my mom gave me a million years ago, that was in desperate need of some TLC and a little white washed love. So off I went to my nearest Prominent Paints and received the best advice a girl could ask for.

We all have such hectic and busy lives, that DIY usually takes a back seat as we know it’s going to take an entire month to complete, but I actually finished this whole project in one weekend, with plenty of naps and beauty testing in between!

White Wash Dresser l Luna Lacey

I love a white washed look to furniture, I’m a little obsessed with the colour white..and black..basically all I have surrounding me! So I wanted to have a finish that would not only look beautiful, but would be able to withstand the rough and tumble of makeup being constantly strewn across it. If that wasn’t a tall enough order, I wanted a matte finish and I didn’t want to have to prime my surface before hand…what can I say, I’m high maintenance when it comes to my living space 😉

I started my project off by ensuring my surfaces were all ready, so I took a 10 grain piece of sandpaper to my old dressing table and began the transformation. It must be said, I freaken hate sanding, but it needs to be done to ensure you have the best possible surface to create the best possible result for your furniture.

Tip: Make sure that once you have sanded your surface, wipe down the furniture with a damp cloth to remove any of the fine sawdust that can alter the finish of your furniture.


Once all has been sanded, we are ready to get moving. I used the Prominent Paints Woodpro Water Based Sealant, I loved this white wash paint. I didn’t need to prime my furniture, I didn’t need to wait days between coats AND I didn’t need to apply a sealant on top.

Tip: to keep the “wood” look, where you can still see the grain and knots in the wood, keep your strokes light and don’t put too much pain on the brush.

I used a Hamiltons 50 mm paint brush, as the paint is runny, I made sure to remove as much excess as I could. There is nothing worse than those terrible paint drips on your furniture. However if one or two paint drips do appear, you can either wipe them off with a rag or you can wait for them to dry and gently sand them away with your sandpaper.

As you can see the mirror changed, I actually used a mirror Ben had and whitewashed it with the same paint to make it all look like it belonged. Remember when painting to mirror edges to cover the mirror with newspaper and masking tape to ensure that it doesn’t move around.

A simple little revamp for an old, worn piece of furniture. I have been loving doing makeup each day, feeling all fancy!

I hope this post inspires you to get moving on your pending DIY’s, head to Prominent Paints, they’re amazing with customer service and I received so many tips and tricks to make your project look amazing.

Until next time…

  1. Love the different post. And 10 points for sanding it yourself. I hate that part… Always get someone else to sand for me

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