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March 29, 2017
South African Fitness Blogger

Contrary to what I love to tell myself, I haven’t always enjoyed fitness. I spent the vast majority of my early years dancing, but you would NEVER catch me doing any exercise that would be considered “effective”. My best friend Kelly on the other hand, is probably the fittest person I know. So when my fitness journey started, I obviously decided that dragging her along was my best bet. And so BIT series was born.

BIT – Best & I Try, is the latest series on the blog, where Kell and myself will be trying out a BUNCH of different fitness classes and reporting back. I’m averagely fit, and Kell is on the insane spectrum (she’ll deny it). I figured this series would be great as we could report back from our experience and share for beginners and advanced people looking for a new interesting workout.

South African Fitness Blogger

First up, Arena Wellness. Arena is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) boutique based in Morningside Shopping Centre. If you have no idea what HIIT is, I’ll explain it briefly. You are looking at short intense burst of exercise, pushing the body to the absolute limit, with brief rest intervals. Instead of a few floppy armed jumping jacks, you’ll push your body to do those jumping jacks as effectively as you can at the ¬†highest intensity you can…and then you have a short break. I know for a lot of people this sounds like hell, but the benefits of HIIT training are so incredible, you have to give it a try. And try we did…well I did, Kell killed it.

Class started promptly at 9:30 on Saturday morning. We were introduced to Ryan and he explained the ins and outs of the process to us. I’ve done HIIT training before, I do it about twice a week, so I thought I’d be ok. Ha! Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa. Not. I’m going to state this now, these classes are great if you have some fitness under your belt. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that if you aren’t fit you shouldn’t attend these classes, I’m merely saying you’re going to work your butt off…but you’ll have a LOT of fun doing it!

Our class started with warming up on the treadmill. The entire time you have blood pumping adrenaline infusing music getting you ready for anything. It has to be said, Ryan is an incredible instructor. He will motivate you and push you to get the most out of your class. Just when you think you can’t run any more Ryan’ll tell you to hop off and head to the floor. You work with a variety of different weights, bosu balls and kettle bells.

What I really enjoyed about the class was that you were constantly changing exercises. There’s no time for you to get bored and not much time to think about how tired you are. Arena boasts a stunning juice bar for your post workout smoothie (which I totally would’ve tried if Ben hadn’t left his keys in my car). You can also purchase Arena branded gear.

We have developed a little rating system for the BIT series, 1 dumbbell being the lowest and 5 dumbbells being the highest.

Another awesome thing is your first class is FREE! You can view their rates and more about the Arena Wellness lifestyle over on their website 

Let us know what you’d like us to try next!


Until next time…

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