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May 4, 2017
Avene XeraCalm Review

I am more than convinced that I was born with the worlds most ridiculous skin. If I’m not treating a problem on one part of my body, it’s another. For the past 6 or so months, I have been battling with the worst form of eczema on my fingers. To the point where I wasn’t able to hold a pen, or hold Ben’s hand or even play an instrument. I would cover my thumbs with plasters, to just get a break from the burning pain on my fingers. Then one evening I came across a tweet chatting about a new company making it’s way to South Africa, and they carried a brilliant eczema line, so I heard. But you know me, I’m a sceptic, so I had to try the Avène XeraCalm A.D range. I waited in anticipation for the courier guy to arrive, I was at the point where I was starting to struggle to type on my phone.

Package arrived and the first thing I did was grab the Avène Thermal Spring Water, I’d read that the Thermal Spring Water was formulated to soothe irritated skin. Cap off and the first spray, is there anything as satisfying as relief? It was almost instantaneous that the itching stopped, impressed was an understatement. I was keen to give ever thing a go, but wanted to make sure I was following the right steps.

First up was obviously to cleanse. I learnt that soaps and even water can irritate and cause drying of the skin. The Avène Lipid Replenishing Cleansing Oil is soap-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free, being the perfect balance for cleansing the skin and reducing the irritation. Now the best way to try and treat eczema is to not let the infected area be in contact with anything that will aggravate it further. That’s a little difficult when the eczema is on your hands. I would make sure most nights to wash my hands before bed and not touch too many objects on my mission back to the bed. There was a week in the beginning that I was ridiculously diligent and I noticed that my thumb had completely cleared. Not a patch in site and the skin had repaired itself.

After cleansing we moisturise, same principal with trying to clear your eczema. I’m forever honest with you guys, so I’ll be honest now. It took me 15 minutes to figure out how the heck the Avène XeraCalm A.D Lipid Replenishing Balm was supposed to come out of the tube.

Look! Look at that flat top, I can’t be the only one who was confused by it. Weird dispensing technology aside, I was keen to slather this balm all over my hands. One thing I did notice is that there was an instant moisturising feel to the balm. It wasn’t think and heavy, but absorbed nicely into the skin. It also provided some much needed relief when applied to the skin. Most nights I even used the balm on my face, and because its non-comedogenic, it didn’t clog my pores!

The last product that I used isn’t specifically part of the XeraCalmA.D range, but I feel like it was an imperative part of my healing my skin. I’m obviously chatting about the Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream. The name of the cream says it all, the sucralfate found in the cream works repair the epidermal layer, whilst the zinc and copper sulphate reduce the risk of bacterial infection. And obviously combined with the Thermale Spring Water, you get a trifecta of agents working together to help repair the skin.

Now for the part you’re here for, I have actual photographic evidence of what happened to my skin over a month period. I will obviously keep you guys updated as the months go on via my Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.

As you can clearly see, there has been a HUGE difference. If you are an eczema sufferer, you know that progress like this does take a while, my thumb is completely healing and there’s no open sores. Same with my ring finger, everything has dried out and now it’s healing.

If you’re interested in buying these, you can head to Clicks and Dischem and pick them up there!

I truly hope this post has given you some faith that your eczema is manageable and you can carry on with normal daily life. Huge thank you to Avène for the products and giving me my hands again!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your review! I have had extremely bad eczema since I was 2 and only products that worked was steroids that’s not good for my health! I am definitely going to try this range!

  2. Gosh I’ve been using avene since it launched and im not seeing a difference,,I dont know if the eczema is too damaged or beyond control. Its frustrating, I have thick black dry scaly skin on my whole left hand

    1. Oh no! Have you been using the XeraCalm range? Its the absolute worst hey, I’m so sorry you also have it on your hands, its so much more difficult to treat!

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