Last Minute Mothers Day Gifts

May 12, 2017
South African Beauty Blogger

So if you’re here right now, you’re probably sitting there, sweat poring down your face as your realise Sunday is Mothers Day. And for the countless year running, you’ve forgotten a gift and you have R69 left in your bank account. Never fear, I’ve got your back. I introduce to you, the last minute mothers day guide. These gifts are rad and they take 5 minutes to purchase, you’re welcome!

Nifty 250

This gem of a company has been on my timeline for years now, and I’ve never taken the leap to purchase anything. Nifty 250 is a company that, as they say, turns pixels into paper. Now I’m not saying go on the site and pick all the pictures you want to print for your mom and hope they arrive on time (they wont, you left it too late chophead). But I am telling you that you can go online and purchase a gift voucher. I purchased a voucher for my best friend and it took about 60 seconds to complete everything. So take some stunning pics on Mothers Day and let mom treasure the memories forever.

Huge thank you to Sarah from Mascara & Mimosas, Cassidy Taylor Memory from The Glam Green Girl and Irina Doman from Ill Take It All for the stunning Nifty 250 pics!

South African Beauty Blogger


The great thing about HUGE chain stores, if you can’t find something at one, you’ll find it at another. When I was browsing during my grocery shop, I saw a plethora of epically cute gifts for any mom. If your moms a Gin lover, you can pick up her very own Gin infuser for under R100. They have the cutest candles, body treats and bath goodies. My favourite is the hot chocolate in a flippen jar! So you officially have 0 excuse to not get mom a gift.


Now if mom is far away and you’re not able to get around to actually seeing her, why not have a look at Netflorist. You can get anything from edible arrangements, to dressing gowns. Why not have moms favourite bottle of wine delivered to her door? There’s officially now 0 excuse for a gift-less Mothers Day!

I hope that this little round up can help you! And remember that if you can afford to get mom something, simply just spending time with her and make the day special means more than anything. You could pack a little picnic, make her some breakfast or just put together a hand made card, she’ll love it!

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