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June 12, 2017
South African Beauty Blogger

Dark spots, they’re like freckles, but bigger and sometimes they’re huge and not where you’d want them. For the last few years, my mom has brought up few times that her dark spots bothered her. Every time that I do her makeup for her the first thing she says is “can you cover my spots”. So I knew when I was contacted by SVR, I’d ask them if they could help.

So what exactly are “dark spots”. They are a hyper pigmentation which can be caused on the skin either by the scaring from acne, excessive exposure to the sun or hormonal changes. Now I personally have acne scaring, and one dark spot on the right hand side of my face. My scaring bugs me, but not as much as my mom’s dark spots bugged her, so I made her the guinea pig this time. Welcome to the first Mom Memos (I’m still working on the name for this).

My mom received the SVR Clairial Creme 10, which is said to diminish the appearance of extended brown spots. Spots that have been around for longer on the skin. It is also said to lighten and unify the complexion. The SVR Clairial Serum. This corrector is for all skin tones to correct brown spots and revive the skins radiance. I can go on and on about what the product description says, but I know you want to know her thoughts. Ladies & gentlemen, I present to you, Charmaine’s review:

“They absorbed beautifully. Left my skin soft and smooth. The consistence of the serum is very runny and hard to get onto your face as it runs off your finger. So I dotted small amounts around my face. The Creme was just the right consistency and there was no sticky residue after application.

My skin didn’t experience any side effects from use. I also loved the fact that the products carry no scent.

I really liked the packaging as it was easy to squeeze onto my finger, I hate putting my fingers into a pot of cream to apply it. It gets under your nails and makes a mess.

I would say that a little goes a long way. I would put a bit about the size of a small pea on my finger and place 3 dots on my forehead. I would repeat this with each cheek and my nose and chin. I then use my fingers very lightly to cover my face. Did not rub it in at all and found this worked very well with both the serum and the Creme. I found that it really made my skin feel smooth and soft. And it also gave me a slight glow.

Love this product. Was even asked by you if I was wearing make up when I wasn’t.”
South African Beauty Blogger
I did actually ask her if she was wearing a BB Cream the one day as her skin looked so even and radiant, may have snuck a few drops of the serum myself after that!
SVR products are available at Clicks.

You know I love to share the love, and SVR has been super kind and giving one of my epic readers the chance to win an SVR duo worth over R1000!

The winner will receive a SVR Clairial Serum (R660) and an SVR Clairial Creme SPF (R440)!

Head over to the Rafflecopter widget below, T&C’s:

  1. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget
  2. Competition is only open to South African residence, sorry!
  3. Winner will be announced via my social media pages, so keep an eye out there
  4. If I don’t hear from the winner within 7 days of announcing, a new winner will be chosen
  5. All entries will be verified
  6. May the odds be forever in your favour…good luck (said in the voice of he creepy guy from Taken)


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  1. Oh wow, I need this in my life. I have dark spots and scarring and like dark patches ?.
    I always look forward to receiving your news letter… Different and so practical.

  2. I NEED fabulous skin with SVR!
    As I’m getting older, Ive noticed pigmentation is becoming a real problem, even though I stay out the sun, Im sure the dark spots are from hormonal changes after age 40 🙁 Id love to try this product!!

  3. I’ve seen this range at Clicks and it looks very promising especially since I have pigmentation. Would love to try it.

  4. I have been struggling with dark spots my whole adult life and would love clear skin and would like a chance to try this product to see if it will change my appearance.

  5. I’ve had dark spots for years now… first from sun damage and then later from two pregnancies but then they seemed to improve! Lately however, I’ve noticed more spots appearing (or the old ones darkening??) and it freaks me out!!! I’m in my forties and determined not to let these dark spots get the better of me. I’d love to try these products and feel fabulous!! I NEED fabulous skin with SVR!!

  6. This product is a must for me. I have pigmentation that is stubborn and difficult to get rid of.
    Fingers crossed!

  7. I would love to try these amazing products on the pigmentation marks that I have, before the discolouration becomes so dark that only lasers would help.

  8. I have some dark spots but my mums is a lot worse so I would love to win this for her she has pigmentation on cheeks and like your mum she aways asks me to cover it up for her when ever she goes somewhere.

  9. Fab giveaway! The older I get the more dark spots appear from nowhere – this is one of my biggest problems on my face ?

  10. I neeeeed fabulous skin because it has been a long exhausting year since I gave birth to my son last June! He has just turned one and this mummy is keen to look yummy again. I feel like I have aged 10 years. Also I turn 30 next month which means I really need to start taking care of my skin to halt the aging process!

  11. I have suffered from scarring and hyperpigmentation as a result of acne my entire life so I can definitely relate. SVR would bring a new hope to my confidence instead of hiding my face away behind heavy foundation.

  12. Wow! This appears to be a fabulous product! I have many dRk spots on the rich and side of my face – driving to work I reckon. Not realising all those years that a product containing an SPF would have been the way to go! Make-up/Facial products have really taken off over the last 10 years!

  13. For pigmentation marks but I would so love to win this awesome product for my Mom who struggles with pigmentation and dark spots which got worse when she went through early menopause

  14. Great review, would love to try it to reduce the pigmentation marks left from pregnancy that has got worse as a result of menopause. I do not like wearing makeup everyday and detest having to wear heavy base to try and cover it up

  15. oh yes please, would love to try this on my pigmentation/dark spots as I have tried numerous products over the years that promise but do not deliver the results

  16. This would be oh so wonderful to try and reduce the most awful pigmentation that I got through my two pregnancies. This would definitely boost my confidence.

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