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{Review} NYX Wonder Pencil

July 17, 2017
South African Beauty Blogger

It’s not often that you would find a multi use product that actually works. It’s even more surprising when it works well. I stumbled across the NYX Wonder Pencil when I was perusing the NYX stand at Clicks. I grabbed the Wonder Pencil because I wanted a lip liner that had no colour to it. I needed something that I could pop into my bag and use when needed, without worrying if the colour matches.

South African Beauty Blogger

So into the basket it went (with all the other things I didn’t need) and I headed home. I didn’t even realise that this little pencil was a multi use pencil. You know me, I was beyond excited to put it to the test. Like a nosey little detective putting a criminal through their paces, I did the same with this pencil.

Reverse Lip Liner

NYX Wonder Pencil

Firstly, it’s a reverse lip liner. Basically what that is it you would outline the boarder of your lips. Like Kylie Jenner did pre lip fillers. So it almost frames your lips, but with a shade that suits your skin tone. I love the fact that this one pencil, can be used with all lipstick shades. The liner prevents your lipstick from feathering / bleeding all over your face. In this picture it looks super light, but thats because I like to over line (my lips are not symmetrical at all!!). You can always blend it out if need be.

Eye Brightener

South African Beauty Blogger

The Wonder Pencil also doubles up as an eye brightener. If you’re like me and you struggle to find a shade of anything that it lighter than your skin tone, you’ll feel my excitement. I like to put a little in each corner and then seal it with a finely milled highlighter. I love that it doesn’t crease or irritate the eyes. In the image about you can see what it’s like on its own or with a highlighter over it!

If the first two weren’t enough for you, the trifecta of awesome comes in the form of a concealer. I kid you not, this baby also doubles as a concealer.


South African Beauty Blogger

One thing I’d like to just interject in here is hygiene. You guys know me, I’m a germ-phobe and I need to make sure you don’t land up with a gross infection. If you are going to use the Wonder Pencil for all of the above mentioned uses, we need to make sure we’re not cross contaminating. You don’t want to end up putting a pencil near your eye that has just covered up an unwelcome pimple! So make sure that if you are going to use it for both brightening your eyes AND covering your pimps, carry a concealer brush. Give the concealer brush a little spray with rubbing alcohol and it’s good to go.

If you’re not keen to carry a concealer brush around (we are after convenience after all) you can use your fingers to apply the product, just make sure they’re clean!

I bought my NYX Wonder Stick from Clicks for R149, which is an absolute steel for a multi product that actually works! I’m using the shade Light (obviously), but there are 4 shades available in this line. I’ve got my eye on the Wonder Highlight and Contour stick next! Speaking of contour, keep an eye out on my YouTube channel, I’ll be reviewing the new NYX Contour Palette soon.

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