LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation {White}

August 1, 2017
South African Beauty Blogger

Welcome fellow pale friends, please come in, take a seat. Now I know you’re probably wondering if I’ve lost my mind. Reviewing a “white” foundation, really? Hear me out. Now for the majority of us, we can NEVER find a foundation that perfectly matches our skin tone. What most people do is buy one shade lighter and one darker and they mix it to make the perfect shade. But if you’re part of my 20% world, there’s not a shade light enough to mix. Until now. Obvs I’m talking about the LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation in the shade White.

I had been on the search for some form of a foundation shade lightener. I wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge and buy The Body Shop shade lightening drops (R300), so the search began. I had been wanting to try the LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation in my normal skin tone, but then I saw this. So into the basket it went (with Ben cracking jokes about it being a foundation for Casper).

South African Beauty Blogger

Unless you’re sporting a Vampire complexion, you wouldn’t use this foundation as is. I mix part of the white foundation with any of the foundations I own that may be too dark. It doesn’t change the finish of the foundation at all. The coverage is still the same and it doesn’t leave a white cast. If your foundation is a little thick, it will make the consistency more manageable. I have yet to try it with a stick foundation though, so I won’t be able to vouch for that one.

South African Beauty Blogger

I know you may think that this foundation can only be used with other foundations. Leigh from Lipgloss Is My Life wrote a cool post a while back showing which other products you could use shade lightening drops with. Lipstick too dark? Mix with some of the LA Girl White Foundation in. I’m very keen to try it with a few of my creme blushes.

Unlike the shade lightening drops, the dispenser is like a regular foundation pump. A quick tip, add a small amount at a time, you can always add more. I found my LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation in White at Dischem for R180!

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  1. So it doesnt have the same illumination as the foundation? Or consistancy? Because in my old age that just highlights my flaws??. And at night in the light? ? thanks for always putting up with my comments.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by!! Its amazing, definitely a must have product for pale girls!! xxx

    1. You know what, it also takes away that hello undertone you sometimes get from the foundations, so its fab! Must must must get it!

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