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September 8, 2017
South African Beauty Blogger

There’s something about being bold and daring that really speaks to me. Obviously. So when the latest offering from Lancome arrived on my beauty desk, I had a little squeal. Lancome’s new range proves to be bigger, better and bolder. Hence the name, Monsieur Big. I recieved the mascara, brow crayon (best description I can come up with) and a eyeliner marker. Yup, they were going for big, and they achieved it.

South African Beauty Blogger

Let’s get into the nitty gritty. You all know that my lashes suck, they stay poker straight constantly (need to head to Wink and Whisper again for a lash lift). But this mascara did do some pretty epic things to my piddly little lashes. The hook for this mascara is that it claims to be the blackest black mascara there is. Hot damn is that true! But what would the point be of having a highly pigmented mascara if it didn’t actually sit on the lashes properly. That’s where the long, wavy fibres of the wand come in. The malleable wax formulation gets picked up and evenly coats each individual lash. Wam bam, full black lashes. If you’re like myself (poker straight lashes, even after curling) you won’t be able to enjoy the full effects of this mascara. Unfortunately the formula doesn’t dry fast enough to hold the curl. I’m happy to report that even though I could’t test the 24 hour staying power claim, I had 0 transfer at the end of the day.

South African Beauty Blogger

Brows. Something I have been incredibly obsessed with lately. I have been trying as many brow babies as I can, so this one came at the right time. In all honesty, I didn’t have high hopes for this product. I felt that the tip was too big and that it wouldn’t be able to give me the sculpted, defined brows that I love. Oooooh boy was I wrong, so horribly horribly wrong. Judgemental cow! Not only is the formulation so incredibly creamy and richly pigmented, the tip actually works really well with the brows.

South African Beauty Blogger

If you feel your application is a little patchy, no worries. The back of Monsieur Bigs brow crayon has a coned shaped Kabuki brush to help disperse the product to create a flawless finish. With four shades to choose from (and a highlighting crayon) I’d highly recommend picking up one.

South African Beauty Blogger

Now for the one that scared me the most, and to be honest I’m still working my way around it. The Monsieur Big Marker. The biggest, baddest eyeliner in town. It looks almost exactly like a whiteboard marker, but with a tapered edge. Creating a super thin and precise line takes a little bit of work, but if you’re looking for drama, you’ve come to the right place. The pigmentation is absolutely incredible, my heart had a little flutter. If you’re willing to put in the time to get to know the marker (sounds like a pitch for a relationship) then you’ve got a real gem on your hands.

South African Beauty Blogger

The Monsieur Big Mascara retails for R350, the Marker R340 and Brow Crayon is R320. You can find them at all Lancôme counters and online!

What do you have your eyes on?

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