Why I Took A Weekend (and then some) Off Of Social Media

October 3, 2017

It’s not often that I switch off. I’ve been running my business for 7 years non-stop and my blog for just over two years. So I feel like I am constantly on. I am constantly checking emails, receiving messages and whatsapps (at all times of night) from clients and making sure everything is running smoothly. On top of all of that, there’s social media, which is a whole different ball game.

I feel like since the beginning of this year, social media has become a completely different place. Gone are the days that you can post a picture and people comment and interact with you. You have to use the right amount of hashtags. Post at the perfect time. Be careful of which hashtags you use, because you can now be shadow banned. Let’s not forget that a large majority of us all receive the same products, so your posting has to be original.

Then you head over to Facebook. You’ll receive your daily dose of reminders that the world is a shitty place and you live in it. Articles about death, strikes, tortured animals and fighting over the most ridiculous thing. Racism is so rife on Facebook (towards all races) and it becomes exhausting. I am what is known as an empath. Now for empaths, Facebook is a little different. You see, the second you post that article, petition, image of an animal, baby or human being treated in the most inhumane way possible. That sits with us. It burns into our brains and regardless if we read the article or not, our brains will fill in the blanks. And then it sits, the pain, the hurt, the absolute anguish said person or animal has received, sits with us. I know by this point a lot of you are going “yes but you can’t put your head in the sand, you NEED to see whats happening in the world”. Truth is folks, there are shitty people in the world. They do the shittiest things and regardless if you share it on Facebook or not, it’s not going to automatically erase those people from the world.

Then we have YouTube. This for me is such a sensitive topic. If you have ever created good quality content for YouTube, you know it takes time. A lot of time. And in turn its taking a little piece of yourself with it. It seems these days that YouTube is riddled with the unhappiest of people. Every single video I upload, regardless of the content, there is 1 person who dislikes the video. It doesn’t matter what it is, its just one person. This person is subscribed to my channel, so they’re there with their purpose of disliking my video. And you get to the point were you wonder what the point is.

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably thinking “Hot dayumn you’re negative Natalie”. And I can see where you’re coming from. Because honestly, I felt so incredibly negative and unhappy. So I switched it off. I switched every device off (except my personal phone), I deleted every application that was considered social media and I unplugged. Here’s what I noticed. 5 freaken minutes in and I was already reaching for my damn phone to check social media. But there was nothing to check because I had deleted the applications. This process continued for about an hour. I would constantly subconsciously reach for my phone to check social media. So I had to learn how to keep myself busy, without touching my phone. Hells bells Friday was like a freaken circus. I kept going from room to room starting something, leaving it, moving to the next room, and repeating the cycle. This spoke volumes to me. I have been feeling so over whelmed this year, more to come on why, so I wanted this time off to be able to get myself together. I realised a large reason I’m overwhelmed and feel like I have too much on my plate, is because of time management. Every time that I get even the teeniest bit distracted I hop onto social media and scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll for no reason at all. And therefore not getting anything finished.

I wrote a post a year or so ago on how to be more productive. And in that post I shared that I would work for 45 minutes and have a 15 minute break. Which I would usually spend on social media. One thing I did learn this weekend is that not much actually happens on social media. You don’t need to be checking every platform every half hour. Take a freaken walk, organise a cabinet, colour a picture do something that is actual constructive and productive.

Part of the reason I felt this way became clear to me when I went to lunch with Cassidy and Rina on Sunday. My Cass gave me one of her Cassidy Talking Tos. For those of you who don’t know, Cassidy is an incredible person, she can tell you the hardest thing that you NEED to hear, but without judgement or making you feel like shit. And she’s been drilling this message into my brain since I met her, I have to stop comparing myself to everyone else. Luna Lacey was created because my one creative outlet in life (music) had turned into a business. And then so did Luna Lacey. I’m here with my blog to share my life. Every difficult, happy moment. Share what I love in beauty. What I love to create to make my life better. My latest favourite workout. A place where YOU can come and get the real deal and we can share. I lost sight of that. I focused too much on the numbers and not on the creating. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll continue to work with the amazing brands I do, but I will stop looking at my process as work and rather capture the creativity.

So you may not see me constantly attached to my phone any more, but you will see me constantly wanting to share and create beautiful content. Content that I can share and hopefully add some happiness and joy to the otherwise often depressing social media world.

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    1. Thanks for supporting me during my “time out”…even though you messaged me 400000 times because you love me too much!

  1. Hey beautiful
    Amazing post and completely true. It’s a huge sense of responsibility to be in the public eye, but also keep that balance of personal life where the “social media” world and all its elements doesn’t consume you and make you succumb to the noise. Well done for pulling back at the right moment to be able to give more of yourself, but more authentically.
    You are amazing. Good on your for putting yourself and your spirit first. All the important things will follow.
    Much love xx

    1. Thanks so so much for this AMAZING comment, it has honestly made my day. A lot of us need to realise that we are only human and we do need some time to ourselves when things just get too much! Thanks so much for the love and support, means the world xxx

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