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Bachelorette/Kitchen Tea Game Ideas

October 9, 2017

Once you have the theme down for the ultimate kitchen tea/bachelorette, you need to have epic game ideas. Kelly is a big kid, so we had to make sure the games for her Nautical Kitchen Tea, were epic.

Bachelorette Game Ideas

We decided to mix a few traditional games, with a few that were a bit more “out of the box” To kick off the excitement and get everyone into the vibe, the first game started with gifts. Your first mission was to write a memory about yourself and Kelly on a little card and pin it to the gift. Kelly would then have to read the card and guess who the gift was from. If she got the answer wrong, she either had to take a shot or eat something sour. Tip: Don’t make every penalty a shot, you don’t want your bride passing out before the day has even started.

Whilst everyone was still seated and enjoying their drinks, we dove into another classic. How well does the groom know the bride. The premise of the game is to compile questions that one of you will ask the groom. The bride will then answer the questions as to what she thinks HIS answer would be. Kelly and Paul have been together for a long time, so this game was pretty easy for her. We ended up just giving her shots for the hell of it.

Next game on the agenda was HILARIOUS. I first found this game over on YouTube, its the Balloon Popping Game. We split the group into equal teams and sent them to the bottom of the garden. At the top of the garden we had a chair for each group. Then came the fun part. We blew up a balloon for each of the guests and tied them around their waist. The first member of the team needs to run up to the chair and hold it as tight as possible. Once the timer goes off one member of the team runs up and tries to pop the balloon, but the catch is they cannot use their hands at all. They have to basically hump the balloon until it pops. Once it pops the humper becomes the humpee and this continues until each balloon is popped. So you basically have a group of grannies, moms, friends, sisters the whole troop humping each other to pop these balloons. I have NEVER laughed so hard in my entire life.

Another fun group game that we played was dip-a-d@#k. You read that correctly, and it was hilarious. We once again split the party into groups. We bought a packet of viennas (sausages), string and Styrofoam cups. You will take your Styrofoam cups and cut a hole into the bottom of the cup, big enough for the sausage to fit through. Then you tie a piece of string around each contestants waist, making sure to leave a long string tail in the front. On the tail end you will now tie the sausage and you’re ready to begin. The objective of the game is to see who can get their sausage into the cup hole first!

Kitchen Tea Garden Games

Another favourite of the day was the bra pong game. Once again Kelly’s in-laws got together to help put this epic game together for us. To create the Bra Pong board, you will need a good sized piece of cardboard or chipboard. Decorate your base however you want to, and then you stick the bra’s on. Each “cup” is worth a certain amount of points and each player gets a certain amount of tries. The player with the highest score wins. It’s also a great game that your guests can play during those ‘in between” times on the day.

Games for girls

We had an absolute blast on the day, and it safe to say Kelly loved the games! I’d love to hear some of your favourite Kitchen Tea or Bachelorette games that you’ve played, so let me know!

Until next time….

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