January Favourites – 2018

February 1, 2018

I asked over on my Twitter a while ago what you guys thought of favorites posts and you guys were in favor of them. I also put another poll up (can you tell I love them? Hello Instagram can I have the poll option yet?) whether you preferred the posts to be written or video, the vote was even so I’ve decided to do both! I introduce to you, the first favourites post of 2018, my January favourites.

If you want an in-depth view of the products, head over to the video (I’ve put time markers for each product in case you’re not interested in the rest)

South African Beauty Blogger


I’ll be choosing 5 products each month that I’ve been loving…so let’s get into my January favourites, shall we!

SVR Miracle Blur

Its no secret on the blog that I am a HUGE fan on SVR, I mean hello, it cleared my skin. Sun damage is something I’m starting to notice more as I’m getting older (hello 30 next year), so I’ve started to get super serious about sun care for my skin. Enter the SVR miracle blur.

Find out more: 1:36

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

I found this baby thanks to Dee from That’s Totally Fetch. I was looking for an everyday foundation that wasn’t heavy on my skin, and wouldn’t break the bank. So when I found this light finished, perfectly matched foundation, I was thrilled!

Find out more: 3:42

NYX Ombré Blush

I actually bought this in August last year and I haven’t stopped using it since. It’s the perfect shade for my skin tone and because of the high pigmentation, a little really does go a long way.

Find out more: 4:41

South African Beauty Blogger

Mr P Stretch Band

I’ve seen quite a few of these floating on my Instagram (anyone else aimlessly scroll the discover page). Basically this band has multiple uses, not just for stretching.

Find out more: 6:23

Woolworths Secret Socks

Yes yes I know, socks, what am I on about! My standard outfit is an oversized T-Shirt, leggings and converse. I hate wearing shoes without socks and every pair I have slips down to the bottom of my shoe.

Find out more: 7:18

January Favourites 2018

I’d love to know what made it into your January favourites? I was also reading over my January 2016 favourites, I’m still loving those products as well!

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