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{VLOG} GRWM, Bridesmaids & Pool Party Fun!

February 6, 2018
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I’m not really a summer person, I prefer to be bundled up and cozy than hot and sweaty. But, the one thing I do love about summer, pool parties. Every year (well the last two any way) we have met up for a pool day to start off our year. It’s just a chance for us to all catch up after the festive season, and plan the coming year. Obviously Mini Mimosa (Aria Rae) is always invited, and the “tradition” began when she was teeny tiny. This means we can see each year how much she grows and changes. She’s a real hoot that little one! As it’s always such a fun day, I though I would vlog the day. My GRWM, Bridesmaid & Pool Party Fun vlog is below!

I also wanted to share with you guys some of my must have beauty picks for any day buy the pool!

GRWM, Bridesmaids & Pool Part Fun

Obviously a towel, hat and sunnies are always a must. Not to forget the watermelon! A lot of people forget the most important thing, sun screen. I used to love chilling in the sun, sans sunscreen. I then got burnt one too many times and decided to stop being a chop, and find the perfect sunscreen. Once again, along came Avene and saved the day. I absolutely LOVE this high protection lotion. I’m not the spray sunblock kinda girl, but I also don’t like heavy lotions. Picky munch? The Avene lotion is light weight and you don’t get the “my mom just put sunblock on me” look. Like Ari, I’m a water baby so the fact that this is water resistant is also fab. But don’t neglect to reapply each hour.

Another gem from Avene is their Thermal Spring Water. I remember when I was a kid I watched The Wedding Planner with J-Lo in it, you know the one? Well I remember when she was trying to sober up the drunk father of the bride and she sprayed him with a can of Evian. I always thought she was so fancy, and then this baby landed on my desk and I too felt fancy. Ok so I went off track there, but the short of it is that this tiny can holds great things. I love to give my face a little spritz when I over heat. Or when I feel like a dried prune. Or when I just want to feel fancy.

GRWM, Bridesmaids and Pool Party Fun!

Look, I am suuuuuuuuper late to the party, but how fab are Tangle Teezers! A palm sized little brush that literally just glides through even the most tangled of hair. And we all know what swimming pool hair does. The bristles are specially designed to work through knotted hair to reduce breakage and damage. Plus its super freakin cute.

GRWM, Bridesmaids and Pool Party Fun

There’s nothing quite like an epic day of swimming. But all that water time means bye bye deo. And no one wants to be a sweaty betty at the pool party. I LOVE the Dove Go Fresh anti perspirant Grapefruit and Lemongrass. It smells exactly what I would imagine summer to smell like if it were bottled. Unless someone invents a watermelon smelling deodorant, this will always be my summer time ride of die deodorant.

Ok ok, enough banging on, head over to the video to see what we got up to!

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